OMI Audiometric Software

Designed by leading experts in the field of Occupational Hearing Conservation, the OMI Audiometric Software takes the guesswork out of hearing conservation management.


  • Windows XP, Windows 7 or higher
  • Fully Compliant with OSHA’s 2003 Hearing Conservation Standard
  • Manual Entry or Electronic Import of Data
  • Automatic Calculations of Standard Threshold Shifts as well as Identification of Temporary Threshold Shifts and Improvements
  • Automatic Baseline Revision with Manual Override Capabilities
  • Identification of Asymmetrical Test Results
  • Medical Referral Report with Standard or User Defined Criteria
  • Workers’ Compensation Calculations: AAOO 1959, AAOO 1979, Illinois, Wisconsin or User Defined
  • Automated Age Correction Option
  • Evaluation Letter with both Graphical and Numerical Representation of Hearing Results
  • Comments/Recommendations Fields
  • Audiometric History Questionnaire
  • Calibration Log For Daily Calibration Checks

Reporting Capabilities:

  • Employee listing by date range or group classification
  • Group analysis of hearing data
  • STS Reports, % of Impairment Reports, Workers Comp Reports, Medical Referral Reports, Employee Notification Letters, Explanation of Hearing Loss by type
  • Recommendations
  • Medical Follow Up
  • Baseline Comparisons
  • Otoscopic Results
  • Hearing History Report
  • Notification of STS in writing as required by OSHA
  • Color Audiogram Graph Option
  • And More….

Sample Audiometric Reports – PDF Format

OMI Custom Software
OMI provides custom software solutions to meet the ever changing needs of the corporate and occupational health environments.

OMI Support
Unprecedented support is included with each OMI system. Each purchase includes a full year of software upgrades and unlimited phone support. Support Agreements may be extended beyond the initial one-year warranty period.

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