An internet-based service that provides employee respirator medical evaluation and clearance in compliance with the OSHA Respiratory Protection Standard 1910.134.

  1. Employee Questionnaire is filled out on-line.
  2. Questionnaire is Reviewed.
  3. A medical clearance letter with physician signature is instantly generated or if necessary the physician will issue a letter after further review.

Any company who has employees wearing respirators and is seeking compliance with OSHA standards.

The choice is yours. You can have OMI’s contracted Occupational Medicine Physicians review the questionnaire or you can choose a physician of your own. Other health care providers, such as occupational health clinics or mobile testing companies that utilize their own physician, can also benefit from .

Every precaution has been taken to ensure safety and security. OMI not only uses the latest developmental technology, it also utilizes a secure server for the evaluation process. In fact, the same technology is used by the banking industry.

The person taking the questionnaire can select to take the questionnaire in English or Spanish.


Nothing To Buy

All that is needed is a computer with Internet and the medical questionnaire can be accessed anywhere and anytime 24/7. No additional software to install or download.

NO Hidden Fees

You pay only for the number of respirator medical  transmitted at one low price. Quantity discounts available. There are NO sign-on fees, contracts, minimums, or added charges for physician phone consultations when warranted. It’s all included.