CAOHC Certified Occupational Hearing Conservation Training

Full course – 2 1/2 days

Recertification course – 1 day


Participants in this course become familiar with all aspects of occupational hearing conservation programs, including noise measurement and control, anatomy and physiology of the auditory system, hearing protection and employee education. OSHA standards, worker’s compensation and other state and federal regulations are discussed. Students participate in hands-on manual hearing testing under the supervision of experienced practicum instructors. They learn to identify standard threshold shifts and audiograms that may require follow-up. Different types and brands of equipment are represented to familiarize the participant with the various equipment options available. After successful completion of the course, the participant is eligible to apply for CAOHC certification or recertification.


Accurately perform manual audiometric testing. Identify an invalid test and calculate standard threshold shifts. Identify various types of audiometers and know the advantages and disadvantages of each. Identify applicable OSHA standards, laws and regulations. Be CAOHC approved and certified.